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Introduction for English speaking readers:

I prepared this version of my website specifically for the English speaking clients, in order to enable them to get acquainted with the unique phenomenon on the pro-audio market which PMP firm undoubtedly is, providing them at least with the basic scope of information concerning the firm. The content is an accurate rendering of the Polish version of the main page, and contains the same photographs, of course. Despite the fact that the scope of activities of my firm is limited exclusively to the territory of Poland, from time to time also foreigners try to make contact with me. Unfortunately, my command of English is not sufficient to discuss things on the phone, hence the only possibility that remains is contact via e-mail. So I invite you to read the content, as well as to view other bookmarks as well, although they are in Polish, but also contain a lot of pictures/photographs worth thousands of words.


I have the pleasure to welcome you, visitors of the website of PMP ELECTRONICS, which I, Piotr Marek Peto, founded and have been running since then as a one-man business.

The firm made its debut at the sound amplification market in September 1992, and ten years later the first version of its website appeared. In 2007 the website was thoroughly modernized, and exactly on the 22nd anniversary of establishment of the firm its third version is made available to you. In the latest version I introduced many improvements, attempting at the same time to preserve its original graphic and functional arrangement which, in my opinion, does not contain unnecessary ornamentation, focusing on essentials and information instead. Those of you who knew the previous version may have the impression that it has not changed at all, but it only seems so. I have thoroughly and updated each bookmark, as well as added several new ones, available from the pull down menu on the main page. For those of you who prefer seeing to reading, I provided 3 galleries with photographs showing the PMP equipment, first the early 1990s version, then the version from the turn of the 20th century, and finally what is on offer at present.
I would like to draw your attention particularly to the “Goście” (“Guests”) bookmark: which now gives you the opportunity of pasting photographs of the PMP equipment you own, and allows you to advertise your own activities in the music industry, by publishing a link to your own website.
The “Felietony” (”Columns”) bookmark: has been enhanced by adding the possibility of making comments, which some users may find useful, you are welcome to avail yourselves of it.
The new release of the website could, of course, not be deprived of the “Technika” (”Technology”) bookmark which was quite popular and which will expand successively increased by adding new content. I divided that bookmark into two sub-sections, which makes access to specific files much easier:

Technically speaking, the scripts used for website construction has been changed completely, which enables editing it fully, as well as viewing on tablets. Now it is possible to provide multimedia content, which I will use in moderation, however, as I am not fond of dazzling with tinsel, as mentioned before.
Encouraging you to get acquainted with the content of bookmarks provided, I take this opportunity to greet all my old customers, hoping that new ones will also be interested. I hereby inform you that this website is the only place where information about my firm can be found in the Internet; let me also tell you that I do not advertise anywhere, and I am not, nor do I intend to be, active in any social media, either as a firm, or an individual.
For a few years now I have not been participating in any discussions held on specialized Internet forums, nor do I react in any way to the content appearing there. After more than 30 years of being active in the pro-audio business I do not have the need to prove anything to anybody, the more so concerning being part of nonsensical discussions, and I hope the above will be understood as it is meant.
I think in this context (and not only in it) it might be interesting to get acquainted with the interview I gave to the Muzyka i Technologia magazine on the occasion of celebrating the 20th anniversary of my firm:

MiT_03_2013_wyw_Piotr Peto_

And the last interviev on the occasion of celebrating the 25th anniversary:

PMP wywiad LiveSound

So much about the information I have concerning the launching of a new version of PMP website, those of you who are specifically interested in my offer are requested to read the material below, and to contact me on the phone or via e-mail, I will be happy to provide you with details concerning co-operation in an e-mail, as well as a standard price list of my products.


Ladies and Gentlemen,
PMP products cannot be purchased in any shop, the equipment I manufacture is exclusive in a way, and this satisfies my ambitions completely, as regards my market position. PMP does not offer off-the-shelf products of different quality, nor does it manufacture ”affordable” equipment. For me there is only one standard, which cannot be compromised. I never yielded to the pressure to bring the price down, when it meant sacrificing the product quality. I am of the opinion that proper relation between price and product quality is one of the crucial criteria that should be taken into account when planning investments in audio equipment, in particular the equipment which is meant for professional activity. I believe that in this respect my offer is exceptionally advantageous, especially nowadays, when many producers devalued the quality of their products, and sometimes the logo is nearly all that is left.
As PMP has been functioning from its birth as a one-man business, the offer Has been limited in terms of quantity as well as product range, although formerly I offered a wider selection of product, offering – among others – e.g. guitar equipment as well as power  amplifiers, the latter enjoying excellent opinion. I started my business in a completely different market conditions, however, thus in recent years I had to make decisions and take action which would allow me to maintain my market position. In relation to the above, I gave up the manufacture of all „electronic” devices and focused solely upon loudspeakers and sound columns. This was connected with a slight change of the firm logo, in which I replaced the word „electronics” with „pro-audio”.


It is only natural that all “official” firm data have remained unchanged since the beginning of its activity, including its address, phone number, and bank account number. Thanks to that, my former clients can contact me any time, and I do not have any reason to avoid or escape them, establishing ever new companies, which is frequently the case, not only in audio business.
The date marking the commencement of my business activities does not mean, of course, that I had not known that industry before. Those of you who are interested in my beginnings are kindly requested to read more in the bookmark  „O firmie” > Historia (about the firm > history) :
Because I always looked for many ways to accomplish what I was interested in, I have never limited myself only to the core of my business activity, which would be dull, the more so as it has been continued for so many years already. One of those forms of being additionally active is the co-operation with professional periodicals. In 2007 the editors of the Muzyka i Technologia monthly suggested that I should write an article dealing with some ”tricks of the trade” and – to our mutual satisfaction – this turned into permanent co-operation, continued until the present day. The results are about 100 articles, with a wealth of illustrations, including several ones with „popularization” in mind, and over 80 tests of equipment, provided by distributors of numerous Word famous companies to my workshop for that purpose.


I encourage you to study the content of the bookmark „Technika” (”Technology”), where some of those publications are available, it is also worth mentioning that I made my debut as a „journalist” back in mid-1990s already, publishing a series of articles in the Estrada i Studio magazine, they are also available there.
Besides my „electronic” workshop in the basement of my detached house, I also have a bigger garage, where I do the mechanical and joinery work (using machine tools of my own design), as you can see I am a typical „garage-based” firm, which I am not ashamed of at all to admit, on the contrary, I am proud of what I managed to achieve in the somehow Spartan conditions.

garaż skompr

PMP is not even a manufacture, it is individual construction of equipment made to single orders, thus what the English call „hand-made” is the best description of what I do, I used it even as a slogan, placed under the logo of my firm, adding the information that the equipment is made in Poland. PMP is project that is one of its kind, I do not know of any other company (not only in Poland), where one man would be at the same time its owner, designer of all equipment made, and its ”physical” producer.

The unique character of my firm is emphasized by the fact that I use loudspeakers which I produce myself.

You can read about it in the bookmark „Oferta”>Głośniki PMP (Offer>PMP Loudspeakers) :

At the present day, only few loudspeaker cabinet manufacturers worldwide produce their own transducers and PMP is proud to be amongsthem. Recently I have expanded repairing services, to help my clients who have professional drivers they use in stage equipment broken orburned out. At my website you can find an article about fixing drivers, which is in my opinion very unique.
I also kindly inform, that PMP manufactures drivers only in small quantities and exclusivly for it’s own needs. We do not offer anydrivers in direct selling. The above statement concerns also parts like cones, voice coils, chassis, magnets etc. Therefore you cannot buy any speaker parts from us or single pieces of our drivers, and such thing as price list doesn’t exist at all. However sometimes it happens, that we have some stock of repaired drivers on shelf. On client demand, thist stock may be also used in new speaker cabinets made by PMP. Regarding repair service, we offer full regeneration of professional drivers used in stage equipment, sized 10, 12, 15 and 18 inches. The regeneration includes installing new recone kit made by us, using only own components. We do not sell these recone kits separately. You may find full description of reconning procedures, richly illustrated with photos at this link:

Because of this specific attitude to running my own business I may feel independent, not only in the „manufacturing” aspect, but also in the financial one, as I never took any loans, nor used to support of institutions or third parties. I have never employed any personnel, nor do I intend to, so let me use the opportunity of requesting you not to send me CVs or applications for being employed in my firm. Also, I am not interested in any business partnerships, as I do not intend to change the status of my firm, at present or in future.
Were I to answer the question why I have been functioning the way I do for over twenty five years, the main reason would be one: I like to have direct influence on everything which has my logo attached to it, that is my name and surname. The key issue for me is the quality and reliability of the equipment I offer, as we all direct, personal contact with every person that purchases it. For more than two decades I have been keeping the register of persons who purchased my products, thanks to that as well as my contacts with clients I know that the average life of my audio equipment is several years (oftentimes without any failure) and I do not know of a single case where the purchaser would resell the equipment after a short time, not being satisfied with its quality. The opinion concerning audio equipment I make is, undoubtedly, influenced by the fact that I service almost all my products, whatever the date of its sale, which also is rather an exception than a rule in contemporary market reality. What is more, every customer that I have may count on being treated individually, as this attitude is one of the basic assumptions I made when establishing my firm. That is also the reason why, as regards distribution I do not have any intermediaries, nor have I ever had any.
I hope the information I provided, regarding the principles and priorities I have will allow you to understand the philosophy which PMP firm has. I can say, not pretending to be modest that PMP is me, not only because the name is the acronym made up of my name. It is obvious that one has to earn one’s reputation, which can be lost relatively easily in unfavourable conditions, so I mean to function the same way I have been functioning so far, until I retire, as I cannot and do not want to do otherwise.

Piotr Peto (owner)


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