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For over 30 years, the PMP brand is known on the Polish market. It happens, that some people from abroad visit this website, so I decided to prepare basic information in English. As my spoken English is not fluent, so instead of calling me, please contact me by e-mail. However answerig may take me a while, so please be patient.

The official debut of PMP ELECTRONICS (in 2007 renamed to PMP PRO-AUDIO) was dated at 1992. The founder and owner still remains the same – Piotr Marek Peto – that’s me. My passion for pro-audio started in middle 70s, and in 1978 I’ve constructed my very first speaker cabinet for guitar. I was very inspired by a commercial product folder of Carvin, american company. It occured quite interesting, so I wrote an article about this manufacturer, which was printed in Polish pro-audio journal Live Sound & Instalation (October 2018). The article can be found at this link:


and it’s English translation, made by Lonstar (Polish country musician), can be found here:

CARVIN-english version 2

The third link leads to photo-illustrated story of PMP in Polish language:

Translating this story to English, I’ll try to make it as short as possibile.

At the beginning of 90s, PMP manufactured few models of guitar amps (both types: combo and head). On short period of time, we extended our lineup with power amplifiers and wide choice of speaker cabinets. At the beginning of 21th century, we gave up on manufacturing guitar amps, and few years later the last power amplifier went to the client. However many of these products still remain in intensive usage, some of them for more than 20 years! It’s worth metioning that from the very beginning, PMP was using only self-made transducers, except compression drivers and tweeters. Cabinets were also manufactured in the garage, mostly with self made carpenter tools.

We are particularly proud of mentioned self-manufactured tranducers, especially because they were made with our own components. It means that the only goods required from outside suppliers were ferrite magnets. All the rest components, such as cones, voice coils, suspensions, magnetic circuits and even baskets were made basing on self-designed production procedures. Our achievements concerning pro-audio drivers are widely described at this link:

Besides manufacturing drivers, from the very begining, PMP was quite busy with servicing all kinds of speakers. Today, this kind of activity became a prority for me. This offer is very unique, because due to very high quality of our components and procedures based on 30 years of experience, PMP can repair virtually any pro-audio transducer. In many cases, the overall performance of repaired driver exceeds it’s original parameters. The production date doesn’t matter at all, same as current technical condition of voice coil, cone and suspension. The repair process includes complete replacement of the whole set of parts described as recone kit, individually choosen from own assortiment. Let me say again that this kind of service is very unique, both in Poland and abroad. It’s also worth mentioning that PMP, as probably the only manufacturer in the whole world, didn’t make any voice coil based on any other matherial than the fiberglass. At the end of the 20th century, we had the practical knowledge and experience needed to attach the voice coil to both sides of the carcass. That technology is still a standard, especially when it comes to repair high-power pro-audio drivers.

On the Polish version of my website there is a special article about servicing drivers with examples cointaining speakers made by leading manufacturers, listed alfabetically. I also describe an explain most common mistakes, typical for mass-produced drivers, and I show how the drivers shouldn’t be repaired.

My abroad clients who could be interested in repairments must be informed, that I have parts only for 10″, 12″, 15″ and 18″ diameters and this service couldn’t be done quickly. Practically it happens that twice a year (mostly spring an autumn) I repair speakers whih were provided before for servicing.

I have written many articles about speaker and PA technology for Polish pro-audio magazines, and many of them could be found as links on my website. I also work as the popularizer of electro-acoustical issues from a half of 90s. Till this day, over 100 illustrated articles were published, including guides and reviews of the equipment made by world-leading manufacturers:

For 3 years I constantly cooperate with leading Polish magazine Live Sound & Instalation:

Some of my articles are available in Polish version as PDF files.

The current activity of PMP concentrates on servicing drivers and also designing and building speaker cabinets on special demand. Speaker production was recently slightly reduced, but some minimal quantities are still made to forfill our own needs. Therefore we can build speakers based on drivers regenerated in our service. We still run the service of pro-audio equipment, but this kind of activity is rather marginal at the time:

As an owner and the only employee I emphasize that I am the person responsibile for everything happening in PMP. It was like that for over 25 years and i assume that this state wouldn’t change in predictible future. I do not even describe PMP a manufacture – „hand made” seems to be a better description, so I’ve decided to put it just below the logo. I hope that publicing my story would help everyone to understand my philosophy and priorities.

Special thanks for Engish translation:
Przemysław Waszkiewicz, Offstage


Due to the growing interest in PMP’s offer on the part of people from abroad, in many tabs on the website I have included an automatic translation of their content into English. Before contacting me by e-mail, please read these materials.

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